Recession Equals Bad Haircuts

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I read a funny post at Wall Street Journal about consumers taking scissors into their own hands in an attempt to save money…sometimes with scary results that end up costing them more in the long run!

I’m no stranger to the DIY home haircut – I found that taking my time and only doing simple cuts works best for me.  I leave my daughter’s layered cut to the pros.


The Sweetest Words

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“Your daughter’s biopsy is clean”

Thank you Lord!  V is finally home from the hospital and feeling much better.  She is on heavy duty antibiotics and has been without a fever for 48 hours now.

Things are slowly getting back to normal here at the house…some incredibly kind and generous families from church brought us dinner the past few nights, so I am catching up on cleaning and paying bills.

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Working from the Hospital

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Another benefit of working at home, is the ability to take your work anywhere.  I only need my cell phone, laptop, and decent wireless Internet connection to work.

Unfortunately, I never thought I’d be working from a hospital room.  Our 10yo daughter V, was admitted last Saturday with a fever and an extremely swollen lymph node in her neck.  She wasn’t responding to antibiotics and her symptoms worsened.  V had surgery Friday night to remove the lymph node.

We are awaiting biopsy and pathology results.  Please pray for our sweet girl.  She has gone through quite an ordeal this past two weeks.